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Gorillaz is available at Monik House. the 6 inches figure of complete member, including the lovely cute Noodle. on their best pose. and in good condition

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Kaws adalah kaws, sebuah figure ciptaan Brian Donelly designer toys dari Amerika, Kaws terhitung toys yang paling mahal sekarang di dunia, perusahaan toys besar seperti, MEDICOM, TOMY juga melisensi Kaws, setelah dibeli oleh MEDICOM Kaws melejit ke permukaan, MEDICOM juga mengurus dan Read the rest of this entry »

are 064 Tin Soldier Marching Band played their ensemble at Monikceltic’s showroom. Three cutie Britain royal soldier would march for you, if you kind enough to spin the clockwork. They are about 2.5″ inches tall, with smiling faces and all made of tin.
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My Tummy Toys distribute the Tin Toys to Monik House, here are a few from our collection. Come to Monik House next week. price range from Rp.60.000,- to Rp.500.000,-.

Meet Olee, Olee is a small round thing (as big as a golf ball), with a pair of bunny ear plus pair of funny feet. Developed at MyTummyToys kitchen, alongside with fellow Jouwee , Arkiv and Lemi

Recently Olee visit some new friends around the world, and one of them is mr.Francz V. He is a Vinyl Toys freaks that recently just made a design sheet for Olee, so that you can join the fun to modified this cute Olee. Visit his fabulous blog at http://flameboy.vox.com/ and download the design sheet here.

Have a good time then.

photos taken from mr.Francz’s blog

Chumps, Dunny French and Dunny Tiger just arrived in Indonesia, distributed by MyTummyToys to 3 big cities in Indonesia : Jakarta, Surabaya and Makassar. With a campaign to introduce the figure as a figure of artwork not just as simply as “toys”. As we all here agree to Phuek that Vinyl is the new canvas.

thanks to Kid Robot to distribute the product to some Singapore company….yiiipiiii

mytummytoys 2008

Red Demon adalah salah satu karakter bertopeng dari Muttpop dengan ciri khas topeng gulat tradisional Mexico, gaya ugal-ugalan dan muka ponggah. Terbuat dari bahan vynil setinggi 18 cm, di cat dengan rapih menggunakan bahan kimia yang tidak berbahaya.

Tersedia di Monikceltic didistribusikan oleh Tummytoys.
Harga : Rp.700.000,- (belum ongkos kirim)
pembelian melalui mail order dapat dilakukan dengan menghubungi
022-203 8668

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jl.Dr.Setiabudhi 56

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